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Genkaku Cool Na Sensei Ga Aheboteochi: vol.1

There are like women in Kimishima AoiShin. AoiShin is a school of teachers and Kazama Rinoto attending is.Wrap style of a good body in the suit that was crisp, eye of Kirenaga to shortcut, it's women with a dignified beauty.In next to each other home and Rinoto, AoiShin had been asked to take care from an early age. It is a relationship such as boy and girl, but AoiShin he had harbored a love to Rinoto Than by telling the feelings it will break the relationship up to now is shaking off the anxiety that, you write a love letter to the courage AoiShin.But reply Rinoto was the act of discarding defeated the love letter in the morning of home room there are other students.Although it was not to be exposed the name, act relentless of Rinoto was enough too is to beat up the AoiShin.But it is not possible to discard the thought of to Rinoto, AoiShin was the she-dog Mirengamashiku in advisory and Mizuki Hazuki of the club.Hazuki who was devoted to the listener is, hold out a tablet in such AoiShin. It Hazuki has created, to relax and popular among supplements.When AoiShin even relax while Ayashimi, that immediately after the crotch is to start tingling strangely.When you move a line of sight, there had been inflated large as has never been seen in itself.Hazuki this is judged to be a side effect of the supplements, ... multiplied by the hand to the pants of AoiShin.

Duration: 18 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 13-07-2015

Release Year: 2015


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Categorie(s): Big Tits

Genre(s): Romance


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