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School of Darkness: vol. 3

The students are eventually separated from their teachers. Exhausted and hungry, the students split up into pairs to look for their teachers, and find food. While searching for food, Akemi and Yuko encounter a strange man. He offers the two girls a small flask, filled with strange nectar. After sharing the nectar, the two girls are seized by uncontrollable lust. Their dip in the lake turns into a torrid romp by the shore, as they take turns pleasing each other with their tongues and fingers... Kyoko and Shiori come across a cabin filled with food. There, they are reunited with Mr. Kubo. After Shiori leaves to bring the others back, Tatsuya convinces Kyoko into wrapping her mouth around his cock, before furiously pounding her willing pussy. Suddenly, Yayoi walks in on Tatsuya and Kyoko... Nobody is aware of the changes taking place inside Yayoi. The shocking final episode is filled with pulse-raising sex and unspeakable dread. Nobody will escape the fate that awaits them...

Duration: 48 min

Censorship: No

Added: 27-11-2008

Release Year: 1995

Lang: -

Subt: -


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