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Fela Pure: vol.1

Based on the adult manga by Fue. This will just gonna be very short. This review is based solely on the anime version, I don't know/have read the manga. So just to describe this title, its genre would be a sin. So for those who can't take hentai, this one might not be for you. Of course like many hentai titles, the male MC was just too lucky to be wanted by his friend in sex. Yes, pretty common but what gives this hentai title its uniqueness was its usage of the genitals. On that topic, it's not the first cause I saw Nozoki Ana which also has genitals. But what makes this title very original from using genitals, is that it takes it to another level. Its usage was very different from what the convention is. I won't spoil it but try to watch it and be amazed. So with that I really gave it a good score in terms of its twist on genitals. So to sort other things out: Story 9 As I mentioned above. Sound 9 I'm not good in judging the sounds of a title but I think the voice actors were good (at least not monotone like the dubbed titles). Art, graphics and animation - 8 Personally, I'm not amazed with the art and graphics/animation, but obviously it's not that low budgeted so I gave it kind of a high score. Enjoyment 9 Though the scenes are easy to predict, I still enjoyed the part where I thought of -- will they be caught or not. So overall it's a 9 for me. That's it, thank you for reading my review

Duration: 29 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 01-04-2014

Release Year: 2014




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